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The Poo Dilemma
Post date: 06/18/2009
What up peeps? So, how's everything? Good? Good, good. What? What's that? The title? Oh, funny you should ask. Oh, it's just in reference to something that happened the other morning, I don't really wanna talk about it. Really...I'd rather not. No, really. Wait...what's that? Is that...a tear in your eye? Okay crybaby, I'll tell you.

Easter Reflections
Post date: 04/13/2009
Hey. You know how I always write blogs (I mean we all know (and by "we" I mean anyone who's ever followed my blog and, if that's not you then allow me to learn you somethin') Where was I? OH right! We all know that I don't really always write blogs. In fact I very rarely write blogs. But what I mean to say is that "You know how when I write blogs".

Happy Chuckin New Year!!
Post date: 01/06/2009
What up peeps? Wow! Another year down huh? Well, I hope everybody had a wonderful (insert seasonal holiday here )/New Year. (Did you catch that? That "insert seasonal holiday here" bit? Never let it be said that Jimmy Gay discriminates. I mean...I all the time. Just don't let it be said that I do.

News from Mandeville
Post date: 10/09/2008
Hey everybody. I hope this email finds you all well. Recently it has been brought to my attention by a family member who shall remain nameless, who may or may not be an aunt of mine, and may or may not be a judge...and may or may not be Kathy, that I have had some changes going on in my life recently and had neglected to share the news with all of my family.

The State of the Jimmy Address
Post date: 06/05/2008
My fellow interneters: It is with great pride (though hopefully not hubris) that I bring you this long overdue update of the state of the Jimmy (though I'm sure not many of you noticed the duration of time...or did at first and then didn't...or have been pining for months or whatever). So, what have I been up to? Nothing.

If I Weren't Such A Procrastinator
Post date: 03/05/2008
I probably would've churned out a couple of blog posts in the last month, instead of sitting around not doing anything and thinking to myself "Man, I should write about this...or that...or maybe...". You get the idea, right? Like a couple of weeks ago I had a great idea for a post about a day that Sweet-Lee and I spent together.

Party Gras and Life Off the Grid
Post date: 02/06/2008
You see it? See right up there in the title? You see what I did? I took the name of the holiday Mardi Gras and changed it to Party Gras. Yeah, I know. It's pretty clever isn't it? I'm pretty good with words like that. I'm fairly certain I'm the first person ever to think of that. You know? Taking the word Mardi and making it Party? Cause like Mardi Gras is like one of the biggest parties in the world.

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