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Sleepovers and Sing Alongs
Post date: 01/23/2008
Hey everybody. So, last Saturday night my beautiful angel Allee (Formerly "Gator" and currently "Sweet-Lee". (Cute huh? Yeah, we think so too. (And by "we" I of course mean "me" as I am the only one I defer to in such matters. (The matters of what I think are cute that is. Now, how many asides in am I? Three right? Very well, let's close those up and continue shall we?)<---There's one.

Adventures in Boxer Briefs
Post date: 01/07/2008
So, like every couple of months, I decide that I'm gonna get my shit together and get in shape. Now, I can hear what you're all saying to yourselves right now. I'm sure it's something like "Get in shape? But Jimmy, you're in great shape. I mean just look at you. That toned, well developed body. Those rippling muscles.

Post date: 12/23/2007
So, I reluctantly agreed to take part in my work fantasy football league this year. I say reluctantly, because I didn't really feel like playing in this league this year, but I was kinda guilted into it because I'm the reining champion and everybody was just licking their chops to bring me down. (Yeah, you heard right.

Guess Who Turned Three Today!!
Post date: 07/09/2007
I have no idea, but Allee officially hit the three year mark yesterday. (Or Sunday, depending on when I post this or when you're reading it. Wait a minute... everybody reads my blog immediately after I post a new entry... right?) What up peeps? How's it hangin'? Me? Oh, pretty good. My little girl's getting so big.

Some People Can Be So Childish
Post date: 07/03/2007
What up peeps? So... ole Jimmy's falling into that same old trap huh? That of the "Not posting new blogs" variety. Same old, same old huh? Oh well, What are you gonna do? Anyway, July the fourth is tomorrow and as you may or may not be aware, we here in America like to take this day and remember how we broke free of British rule some 200 and something years ago to form one nation, under (insert supreme deity here), with liberty and justice for those who can afford it.

Everybody Say YAY-YAH!
Post date: 06/18/2007
What up peeps? I hope y'all had a great weekend (and for all you pops out there - a great father's day). Mine? Oh, mine was swell. Thanks so much for asking. You know, I sometimes forget how sweet you guys can be. So, what's been going on? I was out of town last Thursday and Friday. I went to Indianapolis for work.

Allee's Day At The Beach
Post date: 05/30/2007
What up peeps? Any party people in the house? Holla back! What what? My my, such upbeat nonsense, no? So, did everyone have a good weekend? I did, what with the extra day and all. This past weekend we took Allee on her first trip to the beach. It was a too short, one day trip to Orange Beach in Alabama.

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