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A Loss for Words
Post date: 05/18/2007
What's it been? A month and a half? Something like that. Did you notice? A couple of you did. I'm sure some of you didn't. What have I been up to? Lot's really. I've had quite a bit going on in the time I've been away. No...not away...not really. Just away from this. Some of the stuff was awesome, some of it sucked.

What's In A Name?
Post date: 03/02/2007
What up peeps? Hey, does anyone remember last year when I let me domain name registration lapse and my website turned into a gay porn site for a couple of days? Who'd have thought that, with a name like mine, something like that could even happen? I mean, it's just so illogical. JIMMYGAY.COM? A porn site for homosexuals? It just doesn't make any sense.

Happy Valentine's Day
Post date: 02/14/2007
As you may or may not know, we (by "we" I mean Shelley and I) have recently begun potty training Allee. We utilize a dual "repetition and reward" method that seems to be working fairly effectively. We repeatedly put her on the potty to see if she needs to go, and when she does, we reward her with M&Ms.

Poker Faces and Big Girl Panties
Post date: 02/06/2007
This past Friday I attended the first, of what I hope will be a regular poker game with myself and some of "my boys" as it were. (Yes, what you have suspected it true. I am incredibly hip. I mean, not hip enough to spell boys with a "z", but hip nonetheless.) Were good times had by all? Well, you'd have to ask them, but I can tell you this: A good time was had by me.

Allee's Beauty Secrets
Post date: 01/22/2007
Before I get started let me just say that, though I am very disappointed in the outcome of yesterday's NFC Championship game (particularly the officiating - though I'll spare you my diatribe on that particular bit of bullshit), I am still very happy with the Saints season and I believe that they will only continue to get better.

Post Holiday Wrap Up
Post date: 12/29/2006
Hey everybody? How were your holidays? Yeah? Oh, really? Ha ha. What? What's that? You in the back... what did you say. No, not you jerk. You, behind him. Yes you. What did you say? Your fish died? On Christmas Day? Suck. Sorry to hear it. What? Mine? Um...I don't own a fish. Oh, my holiday? It was pretty good.

The Four Blogs of Christmas Part 4: The Conclusion
Post date: 12/24/2006
So, I had to be back at work on Wednesday morning. Of course, because I had just taken two days off, I really wanted to be on time for work upon my return. Getting to work on time recently has not been a running theme with me. Gator can be very difficult to get going in the morning when she wants to be.

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