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The Four Blogs of Christmas Part 3
Post date: 12/23/2006
The hard plastic sides of the ladder were cutting into my legs as I desperately tried to hold myself steady. A couple of my neighbors had come over to see what was going on. Heather had graciously offered to hold the ladder steady, which had alleviated my concerns that it would fall over. My not falling off of it, on the other hand, was another matter.

The Four Blogs of Christmas Part 2
Post date: 12/22/2006
Usually, when I drink enough to get a hangover (which tends to vary depending on what I'm drinking), I am too drunk to actually do anything preventative before I pass out. If I do manage to consume some water and pain killers, it's often too little too late. My hangovers always begin the same. I wake up at some ungodly hour of the morning with pain (usually severe) behind my eyes and a burning in my gut (Delightful huh? Yeah, it gets better.

The Four Blogs of Christmas Part 1
Post date: 12/21/2006
So, there I was. Precariously perched atop an eight foot folding ladder with one arm clinging to a very thin branch (that I knew for a fact wouldn't hold me) and my other hand stretched out as far as it could go, desperately trying to grab hold of my idiot cat who was just out of reach...but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sometimes It Is A Pleasure To Be Proven Wrong
Post date: 12/12/2006
"So, who do you think will win today?" Shelley asked. I pretended to think about it for a minute and replied (as confidently as I could), "Well, I'm no 'Football Expert' (the quotes here are to indicate my general contempt for most football experts. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU Collinsworth. (Just a note here: Wouldn't it be funny if I actually said that aside while responding to my wife? And funnier still if I said this one? "Who in the hell are you talking to?" she might ask.

Doritos Are Healthy, Right?
Post date: 11/30/2006
This morning my beautiful, amazingly bright, funny, opinionated, tantrum prone, hard headed daughter (Miss Caroline Allee "Gator" Gay) had Doritos for breakfast. Relax jerks, it's cool. They were Baked Doritos. "How could this happen?" you may be wondering to yourself. (Though likely you're really wondering why you keep coming back here for more.

Has It Really Been 13 Days?
Post date: 11/16/2006
Has anyone even noticed. Do you even know what I'm talking about? I'll give a hint slick, this. This right here. Get it? Thirteen days since my last blog. Miss me? Of course you did. What have I been up to? Not much, really. what have I not been up to? Sleep mostly. Yep. It seems ol' Gator doesn't care much for sleeping through the night these days.

I Don't Have To Waste A Whole Day...
Post date: 11/03/2006
...Just about three hours and fifteen minutes. What up peeps? My boss left town today and I just finished a big project. So, while I have very much to do, (i.e. all the things I was working on before this big project was thrust upon me (Big project thrust upon me? Mmmmmm, that sounds so dirty.)) I just don't feel like starting anything today.

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