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The Fruits of My Labor (Day Weekend)
Post date: 09/07/2006
Can you feel it? There's excitement in the air. It's positively electric. Initially, as is often the case, I intended to write this blog earlier in the week. As you may have guessed from the title (unless you're an idiot. Are you? An idiot? Of course you're not. we all know that only the most intelligent, well informed, most discerning people read my blogs.

Is There A Draft In Here?
Post date: 08/28/2006
Hey everybody. First off, I'd like to start out with a shout out to my brother Doug and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Doug's the person I've known longest in the world, and while he really can't stand me, and doesn't return my phone calls, I still love him very much. He'd probably deny that he hates me, but he should know that he doesn't have to.

Why Come I Don't Write More Blog - Thingies
Post date: 08/17/2006
Hi everybody! (Okay, seriously, who just had "Hi Dr. Nick!" go through their head? Did YOU? Yeah? Killer. We could totally hang out. If you didn't....well, I'll mull over the whole hanging out thing.) So, what's been up? You probably think that, given the amount of time since my last post, that I've been up to a lot, and probably pretty busy.

My Week On Part 2
Post date: 08/07/2006
Besides this piece of cake job duty that Troy has, he's also responsible for taking the warranty and delivery photos of the trucks before they leave. The warranty photos are for our records and they include.... well, basically everything on the truck. We'll shoot anywhere from 150 to over 200 pictures of every compartment, component, tag, ladder, light, step.

My Week On Part 1
Post date: 08/07/2006
By the end of the day Tuesday, I had already walked a mile (at least) in Troy's shoes. I found them to be tight and uncomfortable, and at this point, sweaty and stinky too. But wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me go back to the beginning... Oh, hi, I'm Jimmy Gay. I'm back, did you miss me? Where've I been? What have I been up to? Well, I haven't been anywhere special.

My Night Off
Post date: 07/27/2006
So, here I sit, whiling away my afternoon hours, counting down the clicks to recess, as it were. You know, wasting company time. No, more than that, stealing from my company. I mean, they're not paying me to sit here and write this blog. But, fortunately for me, the only people who actually know what they pay me to do here aren't here today.

My Braggartly Ways and Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend
Post date: 07/17/2006
Chuck says I'm braggadocious. Chuck likes making up words. I say I'm braggartly, which I'm not entirely convinced is a word either. The point is this: among my family, friends, acquaintances, peers, and basically anyone who's ever spent more than five minutes with me, the general consensus is that I can come off as a bit of a braggart.

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