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Gator Likes Sushi...and Cupcakes
Post date: 07/10/2006
Not together. That'd be gross. Ugh. Oh, hi...I'm Jimmy Gay. You may remember me as that guy who spent a whole night being bathed in his daughter's olivey bile. Or, as the guy whose audio blog about a pirate making ice cream was only slightly less funny than Doug's audio blog about being a drummer (FYI keep and eye (or an ear rather.

Sugar Free
Post date: 07/03/2006
So look here peeps. I've noticed that my blog views take a dive when I stray from my normal subject matter and try to lay down a little selfless sweetness. I've drawn the following conclusion: Me being nice is neither funny nor interesting (to you anyway). Yet, me being mean and cynical, or stupid just makes your taints tingle.

Jessie Wanted More
Post date: 06/27/2006
Greetings junkies. Recently, my old pal Jessie wrote a glowing, wonderfully well written blog about how awesome my blogs are. Well, obviously I couldn't agree more. So...I may have left a highly energetic (how uncharacteristic of me, no?) praising (again, no?) comment on her blog, which may, or may not have indicated that I might have been persuaded to reciprocate this wonderful gesture.

Olive Juice
Post date: 06/20/2006
Let me just start out by saying: I don't like olives. I don't I can't help it. What is it about them you may ask? "The taste." I'd respond. It's disgusting. Now, Shelley's shaking her head right now and thinking to herself "Jesus my husband is so wicked hot, and so funny. How did I get so lucky?" Okay, not really.

Yo Ho Ho, and a Bowl of Ice Cream
Post date: 06/18/2006
Editor's note: Because "some people" have difficulty understanding how pirate's write (hey Katie. Ha ha, she doesn't even read these.), I have taken the liberty to provide an audio version of this blog. Just click here for the version with the audio.

Sure, It's Sweet. But, Did You Have to Be So Abusive? You Know...To Us?
Post date: 06/12/2006
Oh, hi. I'm Jimmy Gay. You may remember me from such blogs as: the one where I went all the way to Ponchatoula for a beer, or the one about my sunburn induced dandruff. And, of course, who could forget everyone's favorite about taking a shit in the workplace? Or, you may know me as that annoying narcissistic asshole who constantly harasses you about checking out my shit, without providing much new content for you to see.

Hurling Flaming Cars at People Can Be Effective
Post date: 06/05/2006
Okay junkies, here's your spoiler alert. Yesterday, I went to see X-Men 3. "What?" you're all thinking, "You mean, you weren't out there on opening night? What did you do with the real Jimmy?" Relax peeps, it's me ( it? dum dum dum!). I did not see X3 on opening night for two very good reasons.

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