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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to This Blog
Post date: 05/30/2006
You know what the funniest thing about the last blog post I had was? I know you're thinking to yourself, "But J, that blog was awesome in it's entirety. Hilarious bro. How could I possibly pick a funniest thing, yo? It was simply killer diller (have you ever noticed that when I talk for you, you sound an awful lot like me? Stop copying me.

It's Just So Jimmy
Post date: 05/24/2006
I know it's been a while (it seems like I always kinda start out that way, doesn't it?). I realize, that for many of you, the shakes may have subsided, and who knows, maybe you've already kicked me. Wait a minute... kicked me? Hmph, dubious. I know you've been out there just counting the seconds until I post again.

If I Had Three Wishes
Post date: 05/17/2006
Geetings junkies. Here's your junk for today: I was recently asked the question "If you had three wishes, what would they be?". My incredibly smartass (shocking no?) response was that if I had three wishes, I'd only need one. That was it. No further explanation given. It was not well received, but you know me, I just laughed it off.

Sunburn Gave Me Dandruff
Post date: 05/12/2006
Greetings and salutations (in your head, you need to hear that like Christian Slater from "Heathers". I do a wicked Christian Slater. Here, listen to this "Why's everybody say that I'm trying to sound like Jack Nicholson? That's ridiculous. I mean, this is the way I talk." Well, what do ya think? Pretty good huh?).

Another Weekend, and What Video
Post date: 05/08/2006
First, let me start off by welcoming members of my wife's AP class. Welcome kids. They've stopped by to check out the pictures Shelley had me post for them (assuming they didn't stop by before I posted this blog, which they probably did, because Shelley asked me to do this on Friday and well...). To get to them ( the pictures, young people - "young people", how deliciously condescending.

QT with Nannie and G, Return of the Doppleganger, and Super Secret Surprises Revealed
Post date: 05/03/2006
There it is. The longest title I've had for one of these things yet. We'll see how this goes. I'm writing this at work (I mean, no I'm not). I'm doing something completely tedious and uninteresting, and I find myself constantly taking little breaks (ah, who am I kidding? I constantly take little breaks even when what I'm doing is interesting.

Weekend Shenanigans, Summer Do's, and Super Secret Surprises
Post date: 04/27/2006
Man, when your wife walks by and tells you, "You know, you'd better keep writitng new blogs, or you won't keep your fans". (Jimmy's standard inaccuracy disclaimer here.) know you're slacking. I wanted to write this on Monday, but...well, you know. (if this is your first visit to my blog...

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