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Gator's New Obsession
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Let's see... Hey everybody. How was your weekend? Mmmmm hmmm. Yeah? Really? Oh, that sounds like fun. What? No. Really? Ha ha. You're crazy. What? Mine? Oh, I had a really nice weekend. But, I'm not gonna tell you about it. Well, I'll tell you about parts of it, but not all of it. Here's your overview. We went to the Chuck (Lake Charles, for those of you not in the know. If that's you, get in the know bro. Hey, that rhymed. I should write children's books... or really bad poetry.) for our nephew LJ's birthday party. We stayed in a cabin in Sam Houston State park with Chuck, Jana, Julia and Derek. It was fun, but I'm not gonna talk about it? "Why not?" you may ask. "My, aren't you a curious little so and so." I may respond. (Though likely, as you well know, my response would probably be along the lines of "Suck it, bro.") Actually, Chuck (my brother, not "the Chuck") wanted to collaborate with Doug (my other brother - Do I really need to keep explaining who these people are? I know I keep asking this, but are there really people who don't know me who read these things? Are there? Speak up people, I can't here you. Actually, I know there are. I'm just trying to get them to identify themselves so that I know who they are. I'm curious like that. (Hey, I just noticed something. I explained who Chuck and Doug are, but not who Jana, Julia and Derek are. My, how delightfully uninteresting, no?) Where was I? Oh, right...) Chuck, Doug and I were going to collaborate on a blog about this weekend. However, as we spent the weekend drinking instead of actually working on it, I don't know if that's actually gonna happen. In case it does though, I've decided not to "blow my blog" as it were, on this weekend. Instead, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about my favorite subject matter: Gator.

Gator's got a new obsession in the form of the Walt Disney animated classic: Cinderella. You know, that movie that teaches the all important life lesson that as long as you're incredibly hot, and can talk to animals, and have unusually small feet, no matter how awful your step-family is, you'll end up marrying a prince. Sweet huh? Anyway, she loves it. Adores it. She's watched it, like, thirty times... in the last three days. Hey, real quick, (Though it never is with me is it? I mean, unless it's in the sack. Poor Shelley.) my wife informed me of something about my father this weekend. Turns out, he's her father too. That's right. Shelley and I are brother and sister. AAAAUUUUGGH! No, wait, that wasn't it. My dad's nickname in high school was Gus. It apparently was given to him by some girlies at his school. It turns out that they came up with the nickname after watching...guess what...anyone? That's right. Cinderella. (You see? You see how Jimmy brings it all around. You see how Jimmy talks about himself in the third person? He thinks it's funny when he does that.) He was nicknamed after the fat little mouse character, Gus Gus. It's funny because in high school, my dad was neither fat nor was he a mouse. I'm almost sure of it. So, did you guess right? If you did, you may consider yourself slightly observant. If you didn't, you probably did not do very well on the SAT.

What else before I go? Ah yes, the shimmy, Allee (Gator for those of you NITK) has started doing this little shimmy when gets excited about something. When she's standing up, it's just kind of a rocking side to side action. But, when's she sitting down, it's a full shimmy and it is, without a doubt, one of absolute cutest things I have ever seen in my life. Friday night, on our way to Lake Charles, we stopped to eat at Burger King. She was getting some chicken nuggets, and when I brought the drinks over to the table (For some reason it took them forever to get our food ready, even though we were the only ones in there.) she was doing the shimmy and saying "Chicken nuggets! chicken nuggets!" over and over again. Awesome. Then, when it took a while for the food to come out, she yelled at me across the restaurant "WHERE ARE MY CHICKEN NUGGETS?? HURRY UP!!" Double awesome. Shelley and I would not have been able to contain our laughter, even if we had wanted to. Oh, also, in football related news, the Saints and Bucs both won, and I won in my work fantasy football league. In my other league, I need ten points, but I have Rex Grossman and the Bears defense playing tonight. So, I think it's doable. Wish me luck. Later Peeps. Oh, and look out for the collaborative blog, which may or may not be coming soon.

Until next time: cinderelli Cinderelli, we can help our Cinderelli. We can make her dress so pretty. There's nothing to it really.