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Today is my wife's (Shelley) birthday. 32 years ago (oops, I mean 29) Shelley came into this world, and little did she know (literally, she was a baby after all) that she was destine to become my super beautiful lady. This morning she awoke to find what you see on the left. Surprisingly enough, the cats did not destroy it all. I waited until she went to sleep, and then, under cover of night, I snuck out of the house and, after a quick stop at my girlfriend's house, I went and picked her up the flowers and the card. The wrapped gift is the collector's edition of "Walk the Line". Don't tell her (she's already opened it). Of course, the gifts from Allee as well.

Speaking of Allee, we had a really good weekend. We've been trying to break her of her bottle habit (yeah, we waited a little late. shut up. you raise your kid and we'll raise ours.) Anyway, she's doing a great job. She's gets a little whiney about it, but man, it could be so much worse. But, back to the weekend. Allee went her first parade this weekend. It was the St. Patricks day parade in Jefferson. She got to see a lot of floats and stupid drunk people, and she caught some beads. She was also treated to seeing a Jefferson Parish fire truck, which is a beautiful 100' aerial platform truck built on a Ferrara Inferno custom chassis. It's an absolutely gorgeous truck. (Not that I'm biased or anything.) Allee seemed to have a good time. Tonight, I'm going to try to put a picture gallery together of her first parade experience. I say try, because I've been getting sidetracked lately recording old cassettes onto my hard drive. It's all stuff from different bands I've been in. The tapes go back as far as high school. And, while some of it is definately embarassing, some of it's kind of good too. I'm thinking, when I get it all in, I'll take the good stuff and set up a MySpace band page that's kind of a tribute to all the bands I've been fortunate enough to be a part of. Of course, there'll be a link to it here, when it's up.

Well, that's it for now. Look for that Allee Parade Gallery soon, and some music is on the way as well. Also, if you see Shelley, be sure to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Until next time: We don't need another hero. We don't need to know the way home. All we want is life beyond...the Thunderdome.