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Happy Chuckin New Year!!
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What up peeps? Wow! Another year down huh? Well, I hope everybody had a wonderful (insert seasonal holiday here )/New Year. (Did you catch that? That "insert seasonal holiday here" bit? Never let it be said that Jimmy Gay discriminates. I mean...I all the time. Just don't let it be said that I do. Cool? Cool.) So...2009 huh? Trip out. Man, when I think of everything I got accomplished last year: changing jobs, moving, knocking up my wife, buying myself a 47" high definition LCD television (merry Christmas J-boy!(J-boy? Eh, it was the first thing that popped into my head.)) And all that was in the span of, like, three months. Whew! Anyway, welcome 2009. Get ready to be totally dominated by Jimmy Gay (man, if I had a nickel...). "What does 2009 have in store for ol' Jimmers (I have to credit my sister-in-law Booty for that one)?" you may ask. "My how intrusive of you." I may respond. But I probably wouldn't. My response would likely be along the lines of "My, I'm so glad you asked."

So, I have no idea. Aside from having a new baby in March and finally earning some vacation time at my new job in July, I don't really know. I imagine I'll be playing a lot with Gator-Girl (as though she'd have it any other way). And I imagine I won't be sleeping very much come March. Oh, and of course, I'll have to come up with a nickname for the new baby (once an official name is decided upon. I like Jimmy. It works for a boy or a girl. - We're having another girl. Did I mention that?) I imagine I won't be writing many blogs, nor will I keep up any sort of consistent correspondence with anyone who either:

a. lives far away from me or,
b. is not related to me (and I believe my relatives will attest, that I am not great at keeping up with them either. so, see, don't feel bad. I'm a dick to everyone.)

Therefore, I'd have to say my 2009 plans are pretty much a crap shoot. Crap shoot - HA HA HA HA HA! I know it refers to some dice game called Craps, but all I can think of is....well, you get the idea (and if you don't then, besides being a bit slow on the uptake, try thinking of it spelled like this: crap chute. Nice huh? Ah English. Your truly are the Queen's language.) I know one thing I WILL be doing this year though, and that is watching Chuck.

No, not my brother Chuck (though he should have his own show. Come to think of it, my whole family should have it's own show. The Gay Family Adventures. We should pitch it to NBC...or maybe LOGO. Yeah we could pitch it to LOGO and then get it made and then everyone could tune in and get all pissed off when they realize that we're all staight. Awesome.) No, Chuck on NBC. Have you heard of it? No? Look it up and see if it's something you might be into. If it is, buy the first season on DVD and spend a couple of days watching all the episodes. Then go online and watch all the second season episodes so you can get caught up before it returns in February. Or don't. Seriously, I could give a shit. But I like it. My dad reccomended it to me, and it was as good as he said (of course my dad has a soft spot for comedy/action/espionage/thrillers with hot chicks in it, and Chuck has all of that). Besides, Adam Baldwin is in it. And if you're not a fan of Adam Baldwin....well...I...I just don't think we can hang out.

Alright, so, in summation: Jimmy Gay still foolish, still rambles, still wicked awesome. So, stop by again sometime this year. And if you still see this very blog as the latest I've posted, then it probably hasn't been four months yet. Later peeps.

Until next time: I have, I have some light to kill. I can, I can be there for you. I have this history to draw...upon. I know I have it all again to do.