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Here Again
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Oh my god! Only two days later, and here I am again. As you can see by the links on the left, I have added a guestbook. So, if you stop by, sign it and let me know. Yesterday, I actually added the function below to change the color of the text.

What else? Everyday, when I come to work, I check my post it notes from the day before to see what I need to do. Sometimes, I make new post its by transfering what's left to a new one and adding the new stuff to it. Without post it notes, I'd never have any idea what I need to do at work. Also, I tend to lose them. I should probably find a better system.

Speaking of work, today I talked with a gentleman who works for Jupiter Entertainment who provides programs for some cable channels including the History Channel, and the National Geographic channel. The purpose of this call was that they're producing an hour long documentary on fre apparatus manufacturing. He wants me to get him some video of one of our coolest trucks : the Strong Arm. It's pretty exciting that one of our products is going to be featured on a National Geographic documentary. If you're reading this and you don't know me, I work as a graphic designer for Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. (also, I'm funnier than this blurb would indicate, but I'm new to this, so please bear with me). If you'd like to learn more about the company I work for, click here.

So, that's it for now. Once again, I will try to update soon, but I won't make any promises. But, go ahead and check back regularly, and see what new and exciting things I've added (BTW - I tend to hide things in my site. Some well hidden, some more obvious. Try to find them if you want. That's it for now.

Until next time: I say drive on young Kevin, drive on! Lead us to your wooded paradise.

P.S. Any guesses? If you guess right, you're probably Troy.