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I know it's been a while (it seems like I always kinda start out that way, doesn't it?). I realize, that for many of you, the shakes may have subsided, and who knows, maybe you've already kicked me. Wait a minute... kicked me? Hmph, dubious. I know you've been out there just counting the seconds until I post again. Sweat streaming down your face as you frantically hit "refresh" over and over again, muttering to yourself "is it there yet? is it there yet?". Well, guess what baby, here it is. That sweet junk you crave. Though, admittedly, this one might be cut with something.

See, the problem is this: I'm really kinda stuck as to what to write. Now, I know what you're probably thinking to yourself. You're probably thinking: Not you J-Dog (hey, how'd you know my ghetto nickname?), you can't be stuck for something to write. Come on buddy. You just took this long to write a new blog cause you're lazy, right?'re messing with us, right? Just making us sweat it out a bit, huh? But...but not because you don't have anything to say. I mean, I've read your other blogs, and your comment posts on people's MySpace pages - even though they're hard to find because you hardly ever post comments (there, a little joke for my MySpace buddies). I've even tried to read through a couple of those long winded, pointless emails you sent me. Admittedly, I fell asleep during those, but the point is this: You're never at a loss for something to say....are you? It's just that...that...well, I don't want to embarrass's just that you're so funny, and smart, and so incredibly hot. How could you be at a loss for something to say?

Well, thanks all of you. That's really sweet to say. Though I'm not sure what my incredible hotness has to do with me always having something to say. Unless, of course, you mean that I could just write about it. That wouldn't be very jimmy of me though. After all, I am known for my modesty and am not in the habit of centering my blogs around myself. But, back to your question. Could I really have trouble coming up with something to write? Sadly, tis true. I am, after all, just a man. Granted, an incredibly attractive man with eyes that pierce your soul and the body of a Greek statue (the Greeks were known for the soft, doughy middles of their statues. I think I read that somewhere). But a man none the less. And, as a man, sometimes I have trouble coming up with subject matter for these (and by sometimes, I mean most of the time). Actually, even when I have something I want to write about, I have trouble knowing what to say. So, most of the time, I just start writing, and whatever comes out, is whatever comes out.

Take this post, for instance. I actually started this intending to write about handshakes (specifically, weak ass handshakes and why they're so shitty), but it ended up being yet another exercise in my self indulgent egocentricity. Hmph. Who knew? (Probably most of you.) Oh well, that just means I already have a subject for my next post. Unfortunately I'll probably forget about it before I write it. Anyway, I'd tell you that I won't take as long to write the next one, but I feel if you tell a lie that everyone knows is a lie...well...that's just about the most insulting kinda lie you can tell. At least have the courteousy of trying to be devious about it. So I won't lie to you. I promise. Not unless I'm completely sure that you'll believe me.

I guess that's it for now. Wait...there is just one thing I wanted to mention before I go. No, not me. I feel I've been adequately mentioned enough in this post. It's....well, I guess it is me again. Rather, a request I made two posts ago. You see, I was curious as to who actually reads my blog and asked said readers if they would be so kind as to leave me a comment or sign my guestbook (on my real site - geez, do I really need to keep putting that? Am I even picking up new readers? They're the only ones who wouldn't know. Hey new readers, I have a real site. But, that's only if you're reading this on MySpace. If you're not, you're already on my real site. Ugh.) Well, guess what? If you guessed that I'm still curious, then you win. That's right, response was less than phenomenal. Four comments on my MySpace blog, and three guestbook entries on my real site. Now, I don't know how many people read it on my real site, but I do know it was viewed over fifty times on my MySpace page. Now, assuming that Lou is solely responsible for, I don't know, let's say a quarter of those (she's so into me), that still leaves me quite a few comments short. Fifty times and four comments. And you know who left me those four comments. Did you guess four people who I already knew read my blog? You did? Man, you're on a roll. Anyway, I know nothing I say or do will get you to let me know that you read my blog, and I'm seriously not trying to get you to by writing's just...well, i guess i just wanted to say...that...well, it's pretty fucking weak if you asked me. Later gators. JIMMY GAY OOT!!

Until next time: What was it you said? Oh yes, yippy ki yay.....muddafucka.