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Jessie Wanted More
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Greetings junkies. Recently, my old pal Jessie wrote a glowing, wonderfully well written blog about how awesome my blogs are. Well, obviously I couldn't agree more. So...I may have left a highly energetic (how uncharacteristic of me, no?) praising (again, no?) comment on her blog, which may, or may not have indicated that I might have been persuaded to reciprocate this wonderful gesture. And by that, of course, I mean that I most definitely told her that she was gonna get a plug in my blog. Well, if you're one of my MySpace buddies, and you actually pay attention to my foolish shenanigans, there's a chance you might have read my bulletin which was a send off of one of my many alter egos, the Pirate King, in which Jessie appeared, albeit as a byline. (One day I will write an entire blog that will consist of one long run on sentence. Mark my words bro.) Anyway, guess what? If you guessed that "Jessie wanted more" than to show up as a blip in a bulletin, then congratulations. You have successfully read the title of this blog and retained it all the way to this point. Good for you (Dear god, I'm a condescending prick. Why do you people put up with me again? Oh, right, cause I'm so funny. What? What's that ladies? Cause I'm hot too? Thanks. You're super. Every one of you.). So, here's a recap of the sitch, in case that last aside made you forget what we were talking about (as it did to me. Wait a minute....what WERE we talking about? Dammit. Hold on....oh, right, how could I forget?). Jessie, knowing full well what a total bastard I am, allowed herself to be manipulated by me into writing a blog about how awesome my blogs are, and then was irritated when I didn't immediately respond in kind. Though, anyone who has been tricked into letting me into their top eight (of which Jessie is one of those people) could've seen that coming miles away. That about sum it up, Jess? Yeah, I though so. So, anyway, here it is. The plug she wanted, though (in true Jimmy fashion) not quite. The following is not a plug for Jessie's blogs (Which, FYI, are only slightly less awesome than mine.), rather it is a plug for Jessie, the person. (Nervous yet Jess?)

I have known Jessie for a long time. Longer than I realized in fact. She and I met in the sixth grade, when we attended SPARK together. For those of you who don't know, SPARK was a program for "gifted" children. (Before any of you jerks come out with "Gifted? Then how'd you get in?", you should know that, besides me being incredibly smarter than you might realize, I also cheated on the test.) I don't really remember meeting her then, but she says that's how it happened, and who am I to argue. What I really remember (and by "really" I mean as much as I am capable of) is when we were in high school. I don't know if I always happened to find myself around Jessie, or if she always happened to find herself around me, but, we always found ourselves around each other. We had a lot of mutual friends, and she was really close friends with a couple of girls I dated. Despite this online rumor I heard, Jessie and I never made out. (Though I'm sure she wouldn't have minded gettin' a little of this. Right Jess? Yeah, I thought so.) Also, She lived a street down from me, so we carpooled to school together. I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure each of us almost died in the other's car, at some point. Anyway, here's a couple of things about the girl I knew. Jessie was cool. Cooler, in fact, than I probably ever gave her credit for (which seems to be a running theme with me.). She was smart. She was funny. she was fun to be around. She wanted to be a photographer, and she seemed pretty good at it. She was an all around killer chick.

Jessie and I lost touch around (what I call) the Natchitoches years. We both lived our lives, and did our thing. I don't know if she ever thought about me, or wondered what I was up to, but I wondered about her sometimes. I tried to contact her a couple of times when I was in LC, and looking for someone to hang out with. I think we may have, once, but that time is so hazy. Now, after so many years, we've rediscovered each other on MySpace. In this short time, I have redeveloped an opinion of Jessie. I've had the opportunity to trade comments with her, read her blogs, and we had a nice little IM session recently. So, based on my limited exposure to the woman Jessie, here is the opinion I've formed: Jessie is cool. She is smart. She is funny. she is fun to be around. She strives to be a better photographer, and she seems really good at it (Photography, not striving, though she may be a really good striver too.). Jessie is an all around killer chick. I don't know her husband, but I know how lucky he is. He must be pretty cool too, since she married him. So, I imagine she's pretty lucky too. I wish them all the best.

In summation, I am not Jessie's best friend. I do not know her as well, or have as many shared experiences with her as her precious Julie or Jessica (You like that?). But, we have our history, and we've had our moments, and I think she's pretty awesome. I don't know about her, but I'm pretty glad we found each other again. Her blogs are pretty good too. If you'd like to check them out, here's a link to her MySpace page: Jessie's MySpace Page. So, that's it. If you'd like me to write a syrupy blog about you, there are two things you have to do first. Number one: Write a blog about me that talks about how awesome I am (or my blogs). Secondly: Don't suck. Seriously. If you suck, I won't write it, no matter how much praise you lay on me. Now, for those of you who might feel a bit slighted because...well, let's say that hypothetically you called me on your way home from work and told me you wanted to be mentioned in my blog, I just want to say: Patience bro, patience. Your time is coming. Later peeps.

Until next time: NOOOOOO! I was on the eighteenth hole.