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My Week On Part 2
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Besides this piece of cake job duty that Troy has, he's also responsible for taking the warranty and delivery photos of the trucks before they leave. The warranty photos are for our records and they include.... well, basically everything on the truck. We'll shoot anywhere from 150 to over 200 pictures of every compartment, component, tag, ladder, light, step...everything. I say we, because I occasionally shoot these too, but only if it's a truck that leaves on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when Troy's not there) and wasn't ready for warranties on one of the days when Troy's there. He's pretty good about getting me warranties if he can, when he knows the truck is gonna roll out on a day when he's not there. Again, pretty easy right? Cause, it's not like they ever finish a truck right before it has to leave and you don't have enough time to take them right? Oh, hey, speaking of missing trucks (were we?), there's that other thing that Troy does that I wanted to mention, the delivery shots.

Once a truck is completed, our goal is to get nice pictures of it out in front of the building, and we move it from the "In Production" part of the site, to the "New Deliveries" part of the site, and post those nice pictures of it. Now, this part is actually very easy, especially considering the incredible cooperativeness of the trim and after paint crew, by invariably informing us when a truck is about to leave. Because you can't hear my tone of voice, I'll just tell you... that's sarcasm. If anyone ever tells us that a truck is about to leave, it's because we walked up to them as the truck was pulling out of the bay. Granted...(It's six and a half hours later. Sorry, I got distracted. Now, where was I? Wait...hold on for a minute, let me just... ah yes, there it is..) some of them are helpful. By "them" of course, I mean people who aren't me. (I'm not very helpful at all.) But, mostly, this part of the job is just a constant battle to get people to tell you what's really going on. Oh... sure, they mean well. For sure. But, you know... everybody's got their own definition of the word "soon". 45 minutes is an hour; is three days; is two weeks... is thirty minutes. Rock and roll. (Oh, on a completely unrelated matter (Yeah, I know how incredibly uncharacteristic this is), my little girl, you know what she just started saying to me? "rock and roll daddy." It's fuckin' awesome.)

So, if you're not completely retarded, you may see where I am going with this. Do you get it? Why I brought all this up? Where have I been? Troy's been on vacation. I've been doing his job. I've been telling everyone that I've been doing his job and (not so much of mine)." Yes, I speak with asides as well. How fun is that? I can't do both jobs. It's like... impossible. We had ten trucks leave this week. That may not sound like a lot over a week, but, it's like five one day, three one day, and two one day. The two truck day came first. It was on Tuesday. Then, the five day, on Thursday. That day... I missed a truck. Then, of course three on Friday. It's hot out there, for real. Anyway, I'm getting bored with this. I've moved on to other things. You should probably do the same. Later. Oh, wait... I thought of something that I wanted to say earlier. Right, it was "Welcome back Troy. I hope you had a good time. I also hope that you are aware that... if I have anything to say about it... you will never be allowed to take vacation ever again."

Until next time: Mojito. I don't think it sounds like a gay drink.