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Hey there everybody. It's been a few days since my last post. In my defense, I created a MySpace account, and have been tending to it (sort of). Actually, today, I filled out a bunch of the profile stuff and was very long winded about it. Now, you might ask yourself why I would create a MySpace account while trying to work on my site simultaneously? (though I know you're not asking that because nobody comes to this site - it's sort of freeing in a way.) Well, my brother Doug has one, and in looking at his friend list, I saw a few people that I used to know and am curious to find out how they're doing. Of course, as you may know, you have to be a member to contact any other member. So, there you go. The only problem with it is, that on a day like today, I wrote so much on the MySpace thing, that I don't really have much to say here. Though me not having much to say has a way of turning into a long winded, boring tirade on something.

Here we go: MAN I HATE.....ah, nothing really. No rants today. What I will give you is a picture of myself hard at work (i.e. pretending to work). This picture is quite obviously staged, as I cannot even work a mouse with my left hand. I'm only using my left hand because I didn't want to obscure the tee shirt I'm wearing (I made it myself). I will also give you a link to my MySpace account (so if you want to see how truly long winded I can be. check out my rant in the music section. I think you're just supposed to list what bands you like. man, that would've been easier.) Here it is: Click Here

So, what else? Oh, right! I haven't been neglecting this site as much as it would appear. I have added some more stuff, but it's some of that hidden stuff I mentioned earlier (see Previously on post number 3, I think). What I have hidden today (yesterday actually) are some very rude audio clips that I did at my friend Troy's house. If you can find them (it's super easy) and if you like foul mouthed, mean spirited monologues, then you might find them amusing. I personally think they're hi-frickin-larious, but that's the kind of warped sense of humor I have. Oh, and if in some highly unlikely, improbable scenerio, you happen to be Steve Bellas or the student who had the field unit before Troy...I'm sorry. Really. As impossible as this might be to believe, I truly meant no offense. I'm just a jerk. Maybe we can all get together at a cafe and talk about it. Well, that's gonna do it for today. More to come.

Until Next time: You take the good, you take the bad. You take em' both and there you have: The Facts of Life.

P.S. I have THREE WHOLE friends on my MySpace site (well, I'm assuming they're whole). I'm so popular. Ironically though, not one of my friends is Doug, who was the first person I asked. I'm gonna see if I can get me some more. Later.