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Hey everybody. I hope this email finds you all well. Recently it has been brought to my attention by a family member who shall remain nameless, who may or may not be an aunt of mine, and may or may not be a judge...and may or may not be Kathy, that I have had some changes going on in my life recently and had neglected to share the news with all of my family. Some pretty remarkable and awesome changes really. I promise I was not purposely withholding my awesome news, but was simply being...well, you've all met me right? Anyhoo, without further ado:

I think most of you know that I got a new job a couple of months ago. I'm a web developer for POOLCORP (POOL on the NASDAQ). Which is a big company located in Covington, LA. Things are going well here. I like the people I work with and there's plenty of work to do (they maintain over forty different websites). They pay is good, better than Ferrara, though not quite as good as what Ferrara offered me to stay. Why did I take the new job you ask? My, what a nosey question I may respond. No, seriously, there are quite a few things that went into my descision. They have an excellent benefits package and it afforded me an opportunity to just do webwork (I did all of the graphic design work at Ferrara - web, print, video etc...) which is where my interest lies. (Oh, on a side note, I just got an email from one of my coworkers that there are Frosties in the freezer and that I should help myself...which is currently what I'm doing. I'd like to go ahead and add that to the list as well.) Also, and I'd be lying if I said this didn't play a large part in my descision, but the place is, like, six miles from my house. Literally six miles. I love that. I'm really enjoying going home for lunch. Oh, and speaking of home...

Last week Shelley and I bought a new house. It's in the same neighborhood, just in a different parcel (We live in a giant neighborhood which is subdivided into parcels). I love our new house. It's much bigger than our old house. All of the nieghbors we've met have been so nice. We live on a culdesac and apparently, they do this big thing down at the end of it on Halloween for all the kids. Oh, and Allee has already made a friend. Her name is Olivia and she lives across the street and a couple of houses down. On our first day there, as the movers were pulling away, Olivia came walking up to our house with a balloon. She introduced herself and gave the balloon to Allee to welcome her to the neighborhood (talk about a good first impression). She's the only other four year old on our street and she's super excited to have a another four year old (and a girl for that matter) as a neighbor. Her dad Mark was with her, so I met him too. Oh, speaking of Mark, he's a drummer and he's interested in jamming with me sometime. So I may have also made a friend. I've also met his wife and their other daughter and they seem like a really nice family. Allee's already been over there to play a couple of times, and I think Olivia came over to our place to play the other day. Like I said, everybody we've met has been really nice. And the extra space is great. Why we might even have enough room for, oh say, like if Shelley and I ever decided to have another kid. Oh...wait...that reminds me...

...Shelley's pregnant. (nice segue huh?) Don't ask me how far along she is, cause I don't know. A little bit, I guess. She's nearing the end of her first trimester, I think. She's due in mid-march, so you do the math. I think next week, she's getting an ultrasound, so we may be able to determine the sex. Of course she wants another girl, but you know me, I'll be happy so long as it's healthy...and a boy. No, I'm kidding. I mean, I'm not kidding that I'd like a boy, but I think anyone who's ever seen me with Allee will atest, that I've got plenty of love to give a little girl too. So either way, I'm cool. Besides, Jimmy Jr. works for a boy or a girl right? Shelley's doing well so far. Feeling pretty good for the most part. Oh, I almost forgot. Allee doesn't know about it yet. We haven't shared that with her, so I'd appreciate it if you see her (like out at the bar or something) that you not mention it. Thanks. We just want her to enjoy being an only child for as long as she can. Also, Allee is not...well, not exactly...she's impatient. Like four year old impatient. So, I can see as soon as she finds out, the constant questioning will begin. "When's mom having the baby? Is mom having the baby on this day? Mom's taking forever having the baby!" I can see it now. I'm sure "Is mom going to have the baby?" will be asked every time Shelley leaves the house. So, we're keeping mum for now. Besides, she'll know soon enough.

Anyway, that's news. Sorry it was so long, but anyone who's ever read one of my blogs (or spoken to me for that matter) knows how long winded I can be. So, if you made it this far, you should be really proud of yourself. Oh, speaking of blogs, I think I might post this letter as a blog. It's certainly long enough and it's chock-a-block full of info. And also, Kathy won't be able to say that I haven't mentioned her in one, cause I will have. Twice in fact. Way up there at the beginning, and then again right here at the end. Later peeps.

End email

Until next time: A garden is its own perfect world, where everything has a place. Every leaf, every stone, every speck of dirt, but where's my place? I never felt better now.