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Part Timers
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Today I was really busy at work. Troy, our photographer, is part time and only works MWF. His responsibilities include taking warranty shots (every little thing) and delivery (all the way around) shots of the trucks before they leave. If a truck leaves on a Tuesday or Thursday, I have to take those shots. Today we had four trucks rolling out, and even though Troy had taken warranties of all but one of them, waiting to take deliveries can be a time consuming process. Ask Troy, I think he'll agree. Now, to add to that, I also have four ads due, two tomorrow and two today, and I'm still trying to track dow footage of one of our trucks for a National Geographic documentary. Anyway, I was busy, but I got most of it done and am spending the last few minutes of work writing this. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll finally get a chance to take advantage of my boss being out of town. We'll see.

The picture here is something I did for my buddy Aaron. If you click here, it'll take you to his MySpace page and check out some of his music, including some old Voodoo Grove songs which is a band we were in together. He posted a comment on my MySpace page saying he wanted to be my twin. So, I made that picture that looks like his MySpace picture, so that he could feel like he had a twin. I guess I wasn't quite as busy as I thought today, though I prefer to think that I manage my time amazingly well.

This morning, Allee kind of said a sentence. We were about to leave to go to daycare, and she said to me, "Hold me." Well, my hands were full, so I told her I couldn't. Then she told me what she really wanted. She held up my lunch bag (which she calls her purse and I let her carry it out to the car in the mornings) and she said "Hold me...purse". Not quite grammatically correct, but I got the point. She's so cute, just like her mama.

Well, it's time to split (nearly 5:00pm). So, until next time: I don't want to do any work today! All I want to do is play my mug.

P.S. My brother Chuck (my older brother) signed my guestbook and said I had a nice penis. This is especially high praise, as his penis is exquisite. ha-ha