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Rock Star Stupidnova
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I've been watching this show "Rock Star Supernova". Have you heard of it? No? Let me explain. No, that would take too long. Let me sum up. Ex-rockers from different bands come together to form a "supergroup" and write bland uninteresting music and make a big deal of themselves and celebrate that they were all popular once with the exception of Gilby Clark who I'm pretty sure, nobody had ever heard of until this show. They gather a group of aspiring hopefuls to compete (i.e. jump through hoops and suck up to them) to be their lead singer. This panel of musical geniuses, along with the incredibly delightful Dave Navarroe (I can't help it, he's one of my heroes), critique weekly performances, and dispense their sage advice (which is usually the same thing over and over again) and then cut one them loose each week. It is hosted by the incredibly hot, and now incredibly knocked up Brooke Burke, who's outfits, though often suspect fashion-wise (cause I'm like an aficionado of fashion), are usually quite revealing. Now, why do I bring this up (the show, not BB's revealing outfits)? Well, my friends, I feel as though a great injustice has been visited upon Rock star Supernova. You see, ultimately, it is the band members of Supernova that decide who gets cut each week. Critics (i.e. Shelley and I) have had complaints about some of their decisions in the past. We did realize, however, that those past transgressions were generally a result of the "what would produce the best ratings" mentality, and not necessarily idiocy on the part of Supernova. Last night was a different story. Supernova are idiots. Last night they sent the amazingly entertaining, wonderfully talented, Amazon like goddess, Storm Large home (No kidding. Her name is really Storm Large.). First of all, with the exception of one or two blah performances, Storm had been nothing but solid. Secondly, her performances Tuesday night and Wednesday night were simply awesome. They should've cut that dude Lukas, and I think everyone (including Lukas) knows that. She was way better than him. She is a much better performer than he is, not to mention, much nicer to look at (He's a weird lookin' dude and he kinda scares me a little bit.). Granted (folks who watch) I am not deluding myself into thinking that Storm Large was right for Supernova. she's not. She needs to be fronting her own band, as she cannot help but be the sole focus when she occupies the stage (no way those rock star egos were gonna let that happen). But Lukas isn't right for their band either. I'm just saying they should've kept her around for the finally, if only for me. Now, to Storm herself (though there's not a chance she'll read this): You've found a fan in me girl. I think you'll go far. I'd even buy your album, if I wasn't such a cheap ass bastard an did that sort of thing. I will however, find someone who has it, and have them burn me a copy of it. I'll even steal the cover from them, if you're scantily clad on it. Also, T-Roy wanted me to tell you that he thinks it's a travesty the way they cut you loose like that.

Well peeps. Just needed to get that off my chest. It actually was a part of my other blog about Labor Day weekend and football, but I split it up cause it was super long. Aren't I sweet? Yeah, I know. Later.

Until next time: "Stop rhyming I MEAN IT!!!" "Anybody want a peanut?"